Expecting a faceless assessment for GST also?

Expecting a faceless assessment for GST also?

Here is what the MoS Finance has to say..

Faceless assessment and appeals has become a reality in Income Tax. Though there has been lot of criticism and resistance against the hasty move to introduce the faceless schemes, the Government is not in a mood to go behind. The faceless assessments are in full swing and faceless appeals are gaining momentum.

While this being the situation, the brother tax of income tax, the GST is far behind the innovations of Income Tax. The MoS for Finance, Shri Anugrag Thakur clarified that there is no current proposal to introduce faceless assessment / scrutiny scheme in GST.

While the above does not guarantee if the government will introduce the same in the future, the tax payers can be sure of the near future, at least. No faceless assessments / scrutiny in GST.


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